1. Volunteers must develop a relationship with cricketers and others based on openness,honesty, mutual trust and respect. Volunteers:Must not engage in behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse whether it is emotional, physical,sexual, neglect or bullying.Must avoid sexual intimacy with cricketers.Must take action if they have concerns about the treatment of a child.Should empower cricketers to be responsible for their own decisions.Should clarify the nature of the coaching.Volunteers have a personal responsibility to demonstrate proper behaviour and conduct at all times. Volunteers:Must be fair, honest and considerate to cricketers and others in sport.Must project an image of health, cleanliness and efficiency.Must be positive role models for cricketers


    Volunteers have a professional responsibility to maximise benefits and minimise risks to cricketers. Volunteers should always attempt to attain a high level of competence through formal qualifications and commit to ongoing training.Volunteers will:Provide a safe environment.Promote the execution of safe and correct practices.Be professional and accept responsibility for their actions.Actively promote the positive benefits of sport

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