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Rules within the Constitution Of Stirling County Cricket Club

October 2013


1. – Name

The Club shall be called Stirling County Cricket Club, hereinafter

referred to as “the Club”.

2. – Objects

The objects of the Club shall be to play and develop Cricket in terms of

the rules of the parent bodies of Cricket to which it may be affiliated

and to support, as appropriate, any other sports organisation which

may become affiliated to the Club.

3. – Colours

The colours of the Club shall be cherry and plum and white.

4. – Membership

Membership of the Club shall be open to any member of the public

subject to the conditions in Rule 14.

5. – General Finance

It shall be competent to the Club, for the furtherance of its Objects, to

trade, to request and receive grants, donations, loans, fees,

subscriptions, legacies from individuals or other bodies and to spend

and invest its funds and, in particular, to purchase Heritable Property,

or Stocks or Shares traded on an United Kingdom Stock Exchange, or

invest in Heritable Security.

6. – Honorary Office Bearers

The Honorary Office Bearers of the Club shall be Honorary Patron(s),

Honorary Past President, Honorary President and Honorary Vice


7. – Office Bearers

The Office Bearers of the Club forming the Management Committee

shall be, Chairperson, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Bar Secretary,

Membership Secretary, Match Secretary, Ground Convenor, Junior

Section Chairperson, and Captains of each Senior XI representing the

Club. The said Office Bearers shall retire each year but shall be eligible

for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. No paid employee of the

Club shall be a voting Member of the Management Committee of the

Club. Co-opted members shall now have voting rights on the

Management Committee except at the discretion of the Chairman.

8. – Committees

The executive committee of the Club shall be the Management

Committee which shall have all the usual powers covering finance,

playing, administration, and co-option, and specific powers to form adhoc


9. – Appointments

(a) An Honorary Auditor shall normally be appointed at the Annual

General Meeting.

(b) Honorary Office Bearers shall be appointed at a General Meeting.

10. – Elections

Office Bearers drawn from persons holding voting rights in the Club

shall be elected by an absolute majority procedure upon the proposal

and seconding by voting Members either in writing to the Club

Secretary, or at the appropriate General Meeting. Nominees must

declare their willingness to accept office in person at such General

Meeting or by previous written declaration to the Club Secretary.

11. - Meetings

(i) Twelve voting Members present at a General Meeting and at least

fifty per cent of voting Members present at a Committee Meeting shall

form a quorum at such a Meeting.

(ii) Motions for resolution at General Meetings shall be proposed and

seconded by voting Members in writing to the Club Secretary at least

one week before such meetings.

(iii) Matters, for discussion only, may be raised from the floor by any

member in person at General Meetings and the Management

Committee shall in due course consider issues arising from such


(iv) The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in October and

a General Meeting shall normally be held in March and such Meetings

shall be called by notice sent to voting Members no later than two

weeks prior to the dates of such Meetings.

(v) Audited Accounts shall be submitted by the Club Treasurer for

adoption at a General Meeting normally held in March.

(vi) A Special General Meeting of the Club may be called by the

Management Committee or by the written requisition of the Club

Secretary by no fewer than ten voting Members. In each case, motions

for resolution shall be stated in writing in the requisition and the

notice of such a Special General meeting which will also state its

purpose shall be sent to voting Members and posted no later than two

weeks prior to the date of the said Meeting.

(vii) A motion to change the rules of the Club within its Constitution

shall be resolved at General Meetings or at Special General Meetings

and any such motion much be included in the notice calling the


(viii) Voting for motions for resolution at General Meetings, Special

General Meetings and Committee Meetings shall require a simple

majority procedure except that, in the case of a motion to change the

Rules of the Club within its Constitution, at least two thirds of voting

Members present must vote in favour of all or separate parts of the

proposed changes to secure acceptance.

(ix) Management Committee Meetings shall normally be held monthly.

12. – Investments

The necessary conveyance or certificates for Stocks or Shares or Bonds

or other Titles shall be taken in the names of the Trustees for the Club

consisting of Chairperson of the Management Committee, the Club

Secretary and the Club Treasurer for the time being and their

successors in office. The Club shall also be empowered to realise such

investments or part thereof. All documents requiring to be executed on

behalf of the Club shall be signed by the said Trustees upon their being

authorised by the Management Committee to do so whereupon they

shall be binding on all Members of the Club. The Management

Committee shall be indemnified out of the funds of the Club and

against all costs, charges, damages and expenses which they may incur

or which they may sustain in or about the making of contracts or

agreements they shall bona fide make on behalf of the Club.

13. – Bye-Laws

The Management Committee shall have special powers to make such

Bye-Laws as it shall deem advisable. Such Bye-Laws shall be

submitted for ratification at the next General Meeting of the Club.

14. – Membership

(i)There shall be the following categories of Member:-

(1) A Senior Playing Member shall be aged eighteen years or over at

the date fixed by the Scottish Cricket Union for Age Group

Competitions and shall have voting rights in the Club.

(2) A Junior Playing Member shall be aged under eighteen years as

defined in 14(i)(1) above. Junior Playing Members aged 16 or

over at that date shall have voting rights in the Club.

(3) A Non-Playing Member shall be aged eighteen years or over at

First of April in the Applicable Cricket Season and shall have

voting rights in the Club.

(4) A Life Member, who shall have voting rights in the Club, shall

be a Non-Playing Member who has elected to pay a once and for

all sum equal to ten times the applicable subscription of a Non-

Playing Member.

(5) An Honorary Life Member, who shall have voting rights in the

Club, shall be a person thus honoured for outstanding service to

the Club and from whom no subscription shall be requested.

Such a person shall be offered this honour by authority of a

resolution to this effect at a General Meeting of the Club, but

the number of persons thus honoured shall normally not exceed


(6) An Honorary Office Bearer shall be a non-voting Member of the

Club unless such Honorary Office Bearer chooses to have voting

rights as a subscribing Member in the categories 14(i)(1) or

14(i)(3) or 14(i)(4) or has also been honoured as an Honorary Life

Member of the Club.

(ii) Subscription levels shall be determined annually at a General


(iii) The Subscription Year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

Subscriptions are, therefore, due on 1st April each year.

(iv)The Management Committee shall have the power to expel any

Member whose conduct is, in its opinion, such as to be detrimental to

the interests of the Club, provided that the said Member is given an

opportunity to clarify the alleged misconduct in writing and/or in

person to the Management Committee.

(v) The Management Committee shall have the right to decline any

new application for membership.

15. – Visitors

Voting Members of the Club may introduce friends to the Ground and

Pavilion as Visitors and the introducing Member shall be responsible

for friends’ observance of the Rules, Bye-Laws or Regulations of the

Club. Such Visitors shall remain on the Ground or in the Pavilion only

so long as the Member introducing them is there and shall not be

supplied with excisable liquor in the Club premises unless on the

invitation and in the company of a Member and the Member shall, on

the admission of such Visitors to the Club premises, or immediately on

supplying them with such liquor, enter his own name and the name

and address of the Visitors in a book which shall be kept in the

Pavilion for the purpose and shall show the date of each visit. Members

of, and players representing, other Clubs who are playing matches at

the Club or who have been permitted to play at the Club, may be

admitted as Temporary members for the day or days on which a match

occurs and their names and the names of the Clubs to which they

belong, together with the dates of their respective visits, shall be

entered in a book kept in the Pavilion for the purpose.

16. – Alcoholic Liquor

No Member or employee of the Club shall have any personal interest in

the sale of alcoholic liquor therein or in the profits arising from such

sale. No alcoholic liquor shall be sold or supplied in the Club to any

person under eighteen years of age. No alcoholic liquor shall be sold or

supplied in the Club for consumption off the premises, except to a

Member of the Club in person for consumption by that Member or to a

person holding a licence or a wholesaler’s excise licence for the sale of

such liquor.

17. – Equal Opportunities Policy

The Club is committed to equal opportunities and actively encourages

participation and Membership from all sections of the community. All

applications for Membership / Employment will be considered on an

equal basis without regard to the gender, ethnic background, disability,

religious belief or nationality of the applicant.

18. – Termination of the Club

In the event of termination of the Club due to a resolution to this effect

at a General meeting or Special General meeting of the Club under the

terms of a motion to change the Rules of the Club within its

Constitution, all assets and surplus funds of the Club, after all debts

and obligations have been met, shall be donated to the Scottish Cricket


27th October 2011