200 Club

Our 100 Club has had a facelift and is now the 200 Club!

Don't worry if you were already an existing member: not too much has changed.

The 100 Club was our monthly prize draw, in which prizes of £25, £15 and £10 were given to the three entries drawn. The cost of an entry was £36 a year (£3 per monthly draw). Here's where the changes begin.

In our new 200 Club, the cost of an entry is just £12 a year. That means that each monthly draw costs you just £1. If you are already an existing 100 Club member, then your £36 a year now gets you three entries per month.

At the moment, our monthly prizes will remain the same but with more members, the more chance we have to increase these prizes.

There are two ways to join the 200 Club. You can either set-up a yearly standing order or you can pay at the club using our new PayPal service behind the bar. If you are interested in helping to raise funds for the club while giving yourself the chance to earn something back, please contact Rod Turnbull, either in person or by email on rodturnbull@hotmail.com.



November 2018

1st - C Morton
2nd - R Bond
3rd - P Bielby

October 2018

1st - R Turnbull
2nd- J Howell
3rd - I Bielecki



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