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News 2018

Senior Outdoor Training Beginning Thursday April 5th

With just over one week to go before, once again, Stirling cricketers brave the icy winds and torrential downpours that constitute a Scottish cricket season, the club would like to announce that senior outdoor training will begin on Thursday April 5th. In preparation for the club's first friendly at home to West of Scotland the following Saturday, this training will take place at New Williamfield on the artificial nets and will run from 6pm until we run out of light or everyone has lost all feeling in their fingers! Full details are below:


Event - Senior Outdoor Training

Venue - New Williamfield

Time - 6pm


The training is open to all current and prospective members, regardless of age, ability and gender. If you are able to attend, please come down to the ground next Thursday (even if not selected for the friendly against West of Scotlans) and take the chance to get some essential pre-season practice.

Pre-Season Work Day - 31/3/18

While it may not seem very likely at the moment - with the memories of snow and bitterly cold winds still fresh in the mind - the beginning of the 2018 cricket season is just over two weeks away. As the ground emerges from its off-season hibernation, lots of work needs to be done to get it ready for the first friendly game on April 7th.

As we are all no-doubt well aware, running this club requires the help and goodwill of many members, and getting the ground and clubhouse ready at the end of its long winter slumber is no different. As a result, the club is looking to organise a work day on Saturday 31st march and would like to ask that all club members who are willing and able to come down to New Williamfield and help with such tasks as putting out the boundary rope, assembling the batting cages and generally helping make New Williamfield look like a cricket ground again!

Free coffee and tea will be available to all those who brave the early spring temperatures and come down and there is even the prospect of a free lunch being on offer!



  • Date: Saturday March 31st
  • Time: Approx. 10:00am
  • Venue: New Williamfield


Annual Spring Meeting - Wednesday 21st March

The club will hold it's spring general meeting on Wednesday 21st March. Several important discussions and decisions concerning the club and its future will take place on the night and, as such, the club would like to encourage all members to make every effort to attend.

The meeting is open to all club members and parents of our young members and we do like to see as many people attend as possible as this adds to the usefulness of the meeting in keeping our members and parents up-to-date with the cricket club's current status.

We look forward to seeing you on the 21st. 

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