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Social Open Day & Junior Sign-Up Day, Saturday 27th April (12-4pm) **SM Cricket Roadshow**

As we start to ramp up our preparation for the coming 2019 season, Stirling County Cricket Club will be hosting a Social Open Day/ Junior Sign-up day on Saturday 27th April between lunchtime and 4pm at New Williamfield. There will also be 2 adult matches being played at the same time and it is not only a chance to reconnect with members after a long winter, but also to allow Junior members to be re-signed and for SCCC to communicate the plans ahead for the season ahead for the Junior players with their parents. Refreshments will be provided!

Our hope is that there will also be a special announcement with respect to the SCCC Women’s section.

In addition to this, we are very excited to also inform you that SM Cricket (our official kit/ clothing supplier) will be on-hand with different product offerings and be able to demonstrate some equipment as well. SM Cricket is a valuable partner of SCCC and it is wonderful that they can be part of this special day. They will be able to showcase both Adult and Junior equipment, so we think that all members will be covered!

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting either Vicki Hambly (stirlingcountycwpo@gmail.com) or Jason Jones (jmj7@live.co.uk). We will also be sending further regular announcements out on our Twitter and Facebook feeds!

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