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Share Your County Memories

Stirling County Cricket Club has a lot of history. Over 150 years of it, in fact. Such an extensive and varied past inevitably comes with countless stories and memories, involving the triumphs and glories, the sadness and despair and the camaraderie and team spirit that have been a never ceasing part of life at Stirling County, and Scottish cricket, for decades. While most of these memories will now be lost in the mists of time, we believe that there are still many interesting and uplifting County tales from years past to be told, and we want to help others hear them! What better time to share these stories, and offer a chance for us all to remember and reconnect with club memories, teammates and friends of yesteryear, than in the present extreme circumstances?

We were initially planning on running this series of website articles, entitled ‘County Memories’, alongside news and updates of the 2020 cricket season as it progressed. However, with the likelihood of any actually cricket being played this year further diminishing with each passing day, and due to the stresses and anxieties of our current situation looking like they will be with us for the foreseeable future, we would argue that the need to remember good times and reconnect with our past and those who played a role in it has never been more vital.

So, if you have a story from your time at Stirling County Cricket Club that you want to share, please let us know. Maybe you want to share a past triumph (either team or personal), perhaps there is a humourous moment from your time at the club that you think will brighten people’s mood or, alternatively, you may simply want to reminisce about a time spent at the club in good company?

 If you have a story from your time at the club that you want to tell and would like it published on the club’s website, please send it to articles.SCCC@gmail.com. Articles should be approximately 500-1000 words long and should be family friendly – please keep all those salacious and risqué tales to yourself!

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to reading about your County adventures (or misadventures) from the recent and, perhaps, not so recent past!

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