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Club update - August 2020

In our latest update we are excited to provide details of upcoming games now that cricket against other clubs has been given the go-ahead by Cricket Scotland. With the clarity that this announcement provided, we are now able to provide further details regarding membership subscriptions for 2020. Keep reading to find out more!

Cricket Update
As many of you will have noticed, some sense of normality has begun to return to Scottish cricket of late. At the club, junior training returned at the end of July and, despite the typically wet Scottish summer weather providing a challenge, the return of junior cricket has broadly been a success.

On the senior front, the club has now held two intra-club matches at New Williamfield. Both matches saw a fantastic turnout and produced some competitive and exciting cricket. The games also allowed the club to unveil its new coloured kit, supplied by Shakeel Shakoor of Mobileshaq. Shakeel has close ties to the club – being a former player and older brother of current first XI bowling star Akram Shakoor – and the club is grateful for his generosity.

Although it is great to be able to train again and play games with club members, the thing that everyone was really hoping for was the much-awaited return of inter-club cricket. With the signs pointing towards matches against other clubs returning at the end of August at the very earliest, the news that they would be allowed from August 10th was greeted by surprise and great delight! Over the previous few days, we’ve been furiously arranging fixtures for the rest of August and a good part of September. This task is still ongoing (and, thus, there may still be additions and changes), but the club is excited to announce the following fixture list:

1st XI

  • 15th Aug - Stennhousemuir (H)
  • 22nd Aug - Uddingstone (A)
  • 29th Aug – Clydesdale (H)
  • 5th Sep – West of Scotland (H)
  • 12th Sep – Drumpellier (H)
  • 19th Sep – Meigle (H)

Sunday/2nd XI

  • 16th Aug – Linlithgow (A)
  • 16th Aug – Development Intra-club game
  • 23rd Aug – Stirling University (H)
  • 29th Aug – Stenhousemuir (H)
  • 30th Aug – Stenhousemuir (A)
  • 6th Sep – Kippen (H)
  • 20th Sep – Perth (H)
  • 27th Sep – Doune (A)

Of course, being able to host all this cricket now requires a great deal more organisation and work. Not only has the clubhouse required a significant increase in its cleaning regime, but extra procedures have needed to be created, thus allowing the club fulfil its track and trace obligations, ensure that the appropriate sanitising facilities are in place and make it possible for players and spectators to properly follow social distancing regulations. A huge credit needs to go to Jon and his clubhouse team for their hard work in this regard, ensuring that the return of cricket to New Williamfield has happened in such a safe and controlled way.

Membership Fees

As we have mentioned previously, the club has been awaiting clearer and firmer information before making any decisions regarding membership fees for 2020. As most will no doubt appreciate, the previous few months have been difficult for the club and have offered little in the way of certainty or clarity. However, with the recent announcement by Cricket Scotland concerning the resumption of inter-club cricket, the club feels that it is now in a position to declare a position on membership fees for 2020.

It should be stressed that membership fees exist not only to provide cricket matches, but also to aid in the day-to-day running of the club and allow us to implement improvements. More generally, they are critical to ensure the very existence of the club. Additionally, many of the costs associated with the running of the club exist whether or not cricket is actually played. Over the months since the beginning of the current crisis, the club has made concerted efforts to improve the facilities that it offers to its members. We have mentioned these in previous communications but, to summarise, they include such initiatives as repairing the artificial net area, the buying of new benches from which spectators can enjoy the cricket being played and the purchasing of new equipment and repairing existing machinery, both of which will allow us to produce better playing facilities.
With the above in mind, the club would like to ask that those who are willing and able to pay the standard yearly fee to continue to do so. We are extremely grateful to everyone who chooses to do this, as it will help us greatly in continuing the good work done on improving the ground and pavilion and . However, the club also acknowledges that there will be members who, given the situation in which we all find ourselves, are unable or unwilling to pay a full membership. If this is the case, we would like to offer a 50% reduction, applied to either the 2020 or 2021 season. If you wish to exercise this option, please contact the club via contactus@stirlingcountycc.co.uk

A list of membership types and the associated fees can be found here

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