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Further AGM Details

Members will have recently received two communications regarding the upcoming AGM, taking place on Zoom on November 25th. The first e-mail provided additional information concerning the content and structure of the meeting and includes the chance to download and read a variety of documents prior to Wednesday. These documents include the minutes from last year’s AGM and reports from the chair, treasurer and heads of junior and senior cricket. As the respective office bearers won’t be presenting their full reports on the night, we would strongly encourage everyone to read these reports prior to the meeting. Members will, of course, be given the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting itself. Additionally, a second e-mail has been sent containing instructions on how to join Wednesday’s meeting (including a link).

If you are a member and are yet to receive either e-mail, or have technical questions about the Zoom meeting and how to join, please e-mail admin@stirlingcountycc.co.uk. If your query concerns the AGM in general, or you wish to propose a candidate for an elected position on the club’s board, please contact the club at secretary@stirlingcountycc.co.uk.

While this year’s AGM will be broadly similar to AGMs held in the past, there will, of course, be some notable differences to previous years, with the move to a fully online meeting requiring the following specific procedures and rules:

  • When joining the meeting, we would appreciate it if attendees turn their microphone to the mute setting. This will help cut out any unwanted background noise, thus ensuring the meeting runs as smoothly as possible.
  • If anyone wishes to ask a question or speak at all, could that person please raise their hand or, if they don’t have video capabilities, express their desire to speak using the meeting’s chat function? At this point their mic will be enabled.
  • All votes will be conducted via Zoom’s survey function. If, for any reason, an attendee is unable to vote in this way, please make the meeting aware of this. 

While this necessary move online represents somewhat of a step into the unknown for the club (with the possibility of a few teething problems), we hope that following the above guidelines and procedures can ensure a relatively smooth meeting that also gives everyone a chance to participate in deciding the future direction of our club.

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